MFExcise Cloud

As low as $35.00 per report

Preparing your monthly excise report is already time consuming and hard work. Looking for a solution that will eliminate errors, increase accuracy, and accessible anywhere, any time?

MFExcise Cloud was designed just for you.
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Cloud SaaS

Your data is safe form unwanted parties. We deploy 256-bit encryption throughout the compliance journey.

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Centralized Filing

File, manage assessments and audits in one secured location.

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Artificial Intelligence

A.I. infused validation inspects each transaction (from import to e-file) ensuring your data is ready to file error free.

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E-File and
Digitally Printed Form

We support all e-file formats (EDI, XML or CSV). State approved forms, we got that covered too.

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Dashboard and

Full view of your filing performance and never miss a deadline.

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ExSTARS certified - form 720-TO and 720-CS.

Transparent Pricing

No contracts, no hidden costs, no fuss.

Per filing/month
Less than 200 monthly transactions
$420.00 annually
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Per filing/month
Less than 500 monthly transactions
$600.00 annually
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Per filing/month
Greater than 500 monthly transactions
$1200.00 annually
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  • Cloud SaaS solution (pay-as-you-go, no additional server hardware, software require)
  • Open and transparent pricing
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Easy and painless implementation
  • Ubiquitous, accessible anywhere, any time
  • Fast, powerful and performs like no other compliance solution in the market

Filing Workflow

Finish your filing in 5 simple steps.

mfexcise filing worflow - select report
Select Report

Select the report you
want to work on

mfexicse filing workflow -  upload data
Upload Data

Upload your filing data

mfexicse filing workflow - validate data

Analyze, validate
and log errors

mfexcise filing workflow - review data

Review and update

mfexicse filing workflow - generate return
Generate Report

Generate digital print form
and electronic e-file

mfexcise filing workflow
mfexcise filing workflow - upload data
Upload Data

Upload your closed financial/
inventory information

mfexcise filing workflow - Review data
Review and

Review and/or make changes (if
there are errors) as needed

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Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm CST
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