Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. How can I download the application?

Everflow is a web Software as a Service application.  Besides having a PDF plug-in and a web browser, no additional software is required.  Customers can access the application any time by going to and clicking on the [LOGIN] button.

Q. Which browser does Everflow supports?

Everflow is a pure Web 2.0 application so Any HTML 5 compliant browser can be used.  This includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari.

Q. Which ERP backoffice does Everflow supports?

Everflow supports data from any ERP, fuel, and terminal management application, as long as it provides the necessary data to import and validate.

Q. How long does it take to import and validate 10,000 records?

Internal testing shows Everflow can import and validate 10,000 records under 10 minutes.

Q. How does Everflow handle IRS ExSTARS restricted product codes?

Everflow's built-in validation features recognizes book adjustments for restricted product codes.  It will translate FTA product code into the restricted product code, as well as identify whether a receipt or disbursed book adjustment transaction exists.

Q. Does Everflow supports ExSTARS acknowledgement processing?

Yes, Everflow's Acknowledgment Dashboard will process and display errors from the returned TS-151 acknowledgement so filers will know immediately whether their report was accepted, accepted with errors, or rejected entirely.  If there are MUST-FIX errors and the number of errors are below 20, an AUTO CORRECTION filing is created for the offending records.  For MUST-FIX errors above 20, a replacement filing is required.

Q. I am getting “FILE IS NOT A VALID ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (TS-151)” when processing ExSTARS acknowledgement, why does this happen?

The ExSTARS download portal provides two (2) types of acknowledgments when filed electronically.  The first is the TS-997 acknowledgment which contains basic information to determine whether the filing was accepted or rejected.  The second is the TS-151 acknowledgement which contains detailed information to determine whether the filing was accepted, accepted with errors or entirely rejected.  Everflow processes the information contained in the TS-151 to pinpoint the specific error(s) and record(s), e.g. carrier FEIN, position holder FEIN, invalid 637 registration number, etc., so filers can generate the appropriate corrections.  Please make sure to upload acknowledgement TS-151 file and not the TS-997 EDI file.

Q. Can Everflow create amendment correction and replacement filing?

Amendments, whether correction, replacement or supplemental are supported out of the box.  

Q. Is Everflow SSAE 16 compliant?

Everflow runs on Google Cloud Platform and is SSAE16 and ISO compliant.

Q. Can Everflow run on a tablet or mobile device?

Designed and built on cutting-edge Web 2.0 technologies, the application is web and mobile ready.

Q. Does Everflow supports company specific forms with related imported fuel data?

Our custom form development team can design and create any forms your company needs.  Even the most complex form can be mapped and implemented in days.