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Everflow produces both electronic returns (e-File) and signature ready forms 


Federal Excise Returns

Terminal Report - ExSTARS Form 720-TO

Carrier Summary Report - ExSTARS Form 720-CS

Connecticut Fuel Returns

Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax - Form CT-OMF

Massachusetts Fuel Returns

Distributor Gasoline - Form GT-456-DST

North Carolina Fuel Returns

Terminal Operator - Form GAS-1204

Texas Fuel Returns

Terminal Operator


Gasoline Supplier

Gasoline Permissive Supplier

Gasoline Distributor

Gasoline Importer/Exporter

Diesel Fuel Supplier

Diesel Fuel Permissive Supplier

Diesel Fuel Distributor

Diesel Fuel Importer/Exporter




Tennessee Fuel Reports

Petroleum Products Terminal - PET 372

Petroleum Products Transporter - PET 373

Distributor Monthly Fuel Tax- PET 350

Exporter - PET 377

Blender - PET 368

Annual Terminal - PET 374